Loteria Nacional “Extra” Monthly Raffles – Become a millionaire today!

Ever wondered how life would be like if you were a millionaire. How much your life would change with a couple of extra zeros to your bank account?Imagine all that you would be able to afford and buy. Living in luxurious homes and travelling to exquisite destinations as you please. What would you do with a million bucks? Buy a home? Buy everything you couldn’t afford earlier? Treat your family to a vacation? Give it out to charity? Well the Loteria Nacional Extra monthly raffles gives you the opportunity to win big and change your life today!

Loteria Nacional Extra monthly raffles makes it so easy to win. The raffle has been existing in Spain for over 200 years. It has evolved over the years increasing the ease of use and access by people globally. Despite it being based in Spain the gaming has been adopted internationally by players across the globe.

How does it work?

The raffle as mentioned earlier has been existing for over 200 years. This proves the authenticity of the lottery. The lottery works by use of raffle tickets which are printed by a rather unique way. The chances of winning the lottery with this company is 1 in 3. Imagine purchasing a ticket and having a 30% chance of winning. They print the tickets with a series of codes of 0 to 99999. The tickets are the printed ten times and divided into ten shares.  Each ten share ticket holds a 37,151 times win combination.

This lottery has had millions and millions of people coming to try their luck. The unique system almost makes it possible to stand a great chance at winning. Who wouldn’t want the free money?! The winning raffles are then paid out in either €84, €105, or €140 million. The latter being the jackpot of the raffle.

Where do you buy the tickets?

Are you an international speculator looking to make some extra quick money? You can always purchase your tickets with loteria nacional Extra Monthly raffles online. Log into the user friendly website called Lottosend and purchase your lottery ticket there. You can decide to purchase as many as you wish from the site. The raffle will be visible on your history after the purchase is done. Be sure to keep the numbers to yourself until after the draw is finished. The draws take place monthly with the next one being next month with a cash out of €84 million. Make sure you are in time to purchase the tickets before the draw. Everyone from all parts of the world is welcome to take part in the draws.


Lottery draws have and will always exist with mankind. I mean everyone loves the thrill of being able to make more money for free. Loteria Nacional has existed for over 200 years making it more trustworthy than any other lottery. It is one of the oldest and is determined to continue existing  over the years to come. Take a risk today and stand a chance of becoming a millionaire.