All About the Spanish Sunday 5/54+1

Spain is a country blessed with an abundance of games, architecture, history and of course, the Spanish language. When it comes to games, Spain has a plethora of games to choose from. Some of these games are physical in nature – football while others are number and lottery games – Spanish 6/49, Spanish “El Gordo de Navidad”, La Primitiva, the Daily 6/49 and the Sunday Special 5/54+1. Apart from the fact that these lotteries create millionaires each time there is a draw, these lotteries also contribute immensely to the socio-economic development of the country through the funds they contribute to support charitable causes – education, health, sports, social welfare and art.

The Spanish Sunday 5/54+1 is one of such lotteries. Created in 1993, this lottery offers its players to win a jackpot amount of at least €5 million every Sunday. The current 5/54+1 of the game was introduced in 2005. Today, the lottery has nine different prize divisions which give players more chances to win a prize.

Playing the Sunday 5/54+1

As with many Spanish lotteries, the name “Spanish Sunday 5/54+1” is already very self-explanatory as players can understand how the game is played only from the name. As the name suggests, the game requires that players choose five numbers from a 54-number field and then choose an additional number from another field of 10 numbers from 0 to 9. Like with most Spanish lotteries, the game can be played by simply getting a Sunday 5/54+1 selection slip from any of the numerous lottery retailers in the country and marking your numbers. Players who are in a hurry or who are new to the game can opt for a Quick Pick which will allow the lottery system to select and play random numbers on behalf of the player.

There are also additional features like the Syndicate Play and the Advance Draw. The Syndicate Play also known as the group allows players to bring their funds together and play like a group. Usually, the idea is to increase every group member’s chance of winning a prize. Group winnings are usually divided between players either equally or in the proportion contributed to total group’s pool of funds. Advance Draw allows players to play their selected numbers for a consecutive number of future draws.

Players are also allowed to play more than one line per ticket. Each line costs €1.5 so the total cost of the ticket depends on how many lines the player decides to play. Playing more lines on a single ticket increases the ticket’s chances of winning.

Playing the Sunday 5/54+1 Online

As with many Spanish lotteries, the Sunday 5/54+1 lottery is an internationally-renowned lottery and is open to players from all parts of the world. Thanks to the coming of the internet and the presence of trusted online lottery service providers, lottery lovers have a means of participating in the Sunday 5/54+1 lottery by creating an account or simply purchasing their tickets online. Playing online is very easy as players simply need to enter any lottery website such as,, or and pick their favorite numbers. Once that has been done, they can then proceed to payment. Lottery websites accept different sources of payment.

With playing online, there is no risk of missing out on a prize because a player lost the winning tickets. Also, once a player’s ticket wins a prize, they are informed via email and are also given instructions on how to collect their prizes.

Winnings and Prizes

Draws for the Sunday 5/54+1 take place once every week on Sunday at 9:30 PM (Spanish time). Sale of lottery tickets close thirty minutes before the start of the lottery. The lottery makes use of two different lottery machines. One contains 54 balls numbered from 1 to 54 from which the six main balls will be picked while the other contains 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9 from which one ball – the Bonus ball, will be drawn. The Bonus ball is drawn after the main balls have all been drawn.

When the numbers selected by a player match the numbers on all the drawn balls, he/she is entitled to the jackpot amount. Thus, to win the jackpot, a player is expected to hit the 5 main balls plus the Bonus ball. The starting amount for the jackpot is €5 million. There is no cap on the jackpot. In addition, every time the jackpot is not won, it is rolled over and added to the jackpot amount for the next draw. This makes it possible for the jackpot to grow rapidly until it is finally won. This also explains why the record jackpot amount for this lottery game is €33 million. If more than one player matches the 5+1 numbers drawn, the jackpot is equally shared among the winners.

There are eight other prize divisions for players of this lottery game. The 2nd prize division is for players who match 5 of the main numbers but miss the Bonus number. The 3rd prize is paid out to those who match 4 of the main balls in addition to the Bonus number. The 4th, 6th and 8th prize divisions are reserved for those who match 4, 3 or 2 of the main numbers respectively, but fail to match the Bonus number. The 5th and 7th prize tiers are for players who were able to match the Bonus number in addition to matching 3 or 2 of the main numbers. The last prize which equals the prize of a ticket is given to those players who match the Bonus number alone.

Players have up to three months from the date of the winning draw to collect their prizes. After this length of time, all unacclaimed prizes go are used to support good and charitable causes in the country. The total amount of prizes given out amounts to 55% of the lottery’s total collection. The remaining 45% goes to compensate retailers, pay taxes and lottery dues, and support good causes with a small portion of these funds kept by the lottery organization as profits.