All About Spain Bonoloto – Daily Spanish Lottery Game

bonolotoYou have the chance to win the Spain Bonoloto every single day except Sunday and it is drawn at 7pm every night. The Spain Bonoloto started in 1988 to offer participants a regular drawing at a price that is affordable for all. As of 1991 another feature was added called the ‘reintegro’ which stands for reimbursement. The reintegro number is in addition to the numbers chosen for the Spain Bonoloto and is randomly assigned to your ticket. If you do match the reintegro number you will get the money back you paid for the ticket which is €1.00 per set of numbers.

To be lucky enough to win the jackpot with this Spanish lottery game you have to match all of the six numbers. The €400,000 jackpot starts again each time a winner is chosen, but if no one matches the numbers or comes forward during the allocated claim time it rolls over to the next game and continues to grow until someone wins. If you are what is known as a ‘second tier’ winner you will also be able to play the complementary number known as the ‘complementario’. The biggest jackpot claimed so far was back in 1990 where one person scooped up the big amount of €7,000,000.

There are two ways to play the Spain Bonoloto, the first is to choose 6 numbers yourself or have the numbers randomly picked for you. You have to purchase at least 2 lines to play but you can have a grand total of 30 per ticket. If you want to play more than 30 sets of numbers you must purchase additional tickets to do so.

You can choose to play every day or on a specific day depending on your preference. If you want to play the same numbers each week you are able to purchase tickets in advance both in person at a lottery ticket outlet or online from anywhere in the world.

Once the Spain Bonoloto draw is completed the amount of money offered to each player will be announced. The results of the draw are uploaded to their website so players outside of Spain and those that missed the televised announcements are able to find out whether or not they have won. Those that play online will also receive an email detailing the winning numbers. If you play online any money that you win from playing the Spain Bonoloto is automatically added to your online account ready for you to withdraw.

There are 5 different prize categories available when you play the Spain Bonoloto. The main prize, the Jackpot has a starting amount of €400,000 which progressively rolls over if no one has the jackpot numbers and claims their prize. The second tier winners have to match 5 of their own numbers as well as the complementary one.

There have already been many winners of the Spain Bonoloto, not only by Spanish participants but also people from different parts of the world by purchasing tickets online rather than physically.


Bonoloto, 14 March 2020
Result and Winning Numbers

Prize per winner (EUR €)
6 + 0EB
5 + 1EB
5 + 0EB
4 + 0EB
3 + 0EB
0 + 1EB