Spanish Lottery Syndicates

When you play the lottery alone, the more tickets you purchase the greater you have a chance of winning. Unfortunately most people are not able to afford to purchase lots of tickets for every lottery they enter into but with lottery syndicates you become part of a group which increases your odds of winning big and being able to share the prize.

When you are part of a lottery syndicate you don’t just win if your ticket numbers come up, you share the prize equally for anyone’s ticket numbers that come up so long as they are part of your syndicate.

Spanish lottery syndicates are approved as a legal way to increase your odds.

If for example you and another 8 people wanted to club in to become a syndicate then contributing your usual amount will not give you just the ticket you have purchased but 9 different combinations increasing the odds dramatically.

If you do win then the prize money will shared out equally regardless of who’s numbers are drawn.

For example if you as a syndicate were lucky enough to win $100,000 then you would each receive around $11,111.

To start a Spanish Christmas Lottery syndicate you will first need to find others that are wanting to join. There’s no limit to the amount of people that join the syndicate but the more you have the more people the prize will have to be shared with.

In order to avoid someone running off with your winnings it’s a good idea to get a contract drawn up and select a trusted person to manage the funds.

The rules of the lottery mean that only one person is able to claim the money, so you should choose someone trustworthy so that any winnings are fairly divided between you.

If you cannot find friends that wish to join with you there are other ways to join a syndicate.

The best person to ask is your lottery retailer who may already be aware of people in the area that have a syndicate in place.

Do check the background of anyone you join with to ensure you will receive your winnings.

You could also use a terminal syndicate online which means that you have proof of participating and don’t have to worry about anyone running off with your share.

Being part of a Loteria Nacional syndicate is the best way to increase your odds of winning without having to put any more money in than you usually would to purchase one on your own. Everyone in the syndicate wants to win big just like you.

Although the prize money has to be shared it could reduce the amount of tax you pay if you were to win big allowing you to keep more money for yourself.

People that are part of a syndicate tend to win more frequently than single players as their odds are increased each time a new person is added to the syndicate.

Some choose to put smaller winnings into a pot until they win a bigger amount before they are shared with syndicate members.