Spanish Football Quiniela

Spanish Football Quiniela
Spanish Football Quiniela

Before going into the in-depth explanation of each of the aspects of this betting game that is so popular in the whole world, let me remind you that these games are completely legal and anyone who likes games of chance may very well participate in them from any location. Today, thanks to the internet you can play and make your bets without any problem and from the comfort of your home.

What is the Spanish Football Pool?

The lottery is a game of chance of Spanish origin, which is 100% legalized in this country, and that now everyone can play. The betting community was inaugurated in June 01, 2015 and are more than 10 thousand vendors at the national level that have an electronic system similar to a bank punch card, where all players can place their bets and payments of the same. Once the player has made the payment of your bet is instantly enters a computer system where their participation is recorded in real time.

There are many ways to participate, since in all the national territory accounts with more than 30 sales agencies in each department, approximately more than 35 agencies in the central department, more than 350 sub agencies and hundreds of web sites on the internet that allow you to make your bets from a fast and secure way.

The Spanish Football quiniela game is to bet on a number of 2 figure 1, 2 figures and 3 figures until it reaches a maximum amount which is established by the dealer. These bets are made instantly through the POS and in front of the gambler.

Between the maximum amount that a player can bet on ballot are the following:

  1. Bet 1 Figure: GS 500.000 where pays 6 times on the bet.
  2. Bet on 2 numbers: Gs 50.000 where pay 60 times on the bet.
  3. Bet on 3 numbers: Gs 10.000 where pay 40 times on the bet.

How does the lottery system work?

Once the gambler to choose the numbers and gives the print order will appear instantly on the screen of the virtual POS a sorteador noting the numbers in movement, which are arranged in the following way:

These numbers are accommodating 3 in an orderly fashion to show the complete figures. Example: 123.

Once the drawing is complete instantly the POS prints the proof of game, which confirms that the bettor has paid the amount of the bet and this bet was already completed. In case of award this is delivered immediately to the player, even the gambler can collect their prize at the same corridor or you can go to one of the different agencies of the country with the ballot in hand.

How much can you win with the bets of the pool into each ballot?

This will depend on which of the numbers you want to bet, if you decide to bet on the 3 figures, then you’re going to win 400 times more on the amount bet, if you decide to bet on the of 2 figures, then you’re going to win 60 more times on the amount wagered, and if you decide to bet on the 1-figure, then you’re going to win 6 times the amount wagered.

How do I calculate the prizes?

The formula is very simple: (bet) x (times you pay) = premium paid


  1. 000: Figure 1 bet x 6 = 3,000,000
  2. Bet 2 figures: 50.000 x 60 = 3,000,000
  3. Bet 3 figures: 10.000 x 400 = 4,000,000

Understanding the game of the Spanish Football quiniela Game can be a bit difficult at first, especially for people who have never played this type of games of chance, it is for this reason that always tries to explain a little how to play and what are the prizes.

The amounts earned are paid immediately and this is one of the great advantages that have to play the lottery, this type of gambling is very popular in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, but today thanks to the internet and a number of web sites of betting more players can place their bets. So, if you are tired a little play other games of lotteries, then play the betting game could be a good option for you.

This public playground of Spanish origin in far more popular than the same lottery games, as this is a very old tradition which initially were illegal this type of betting, but it was due to its enormous popularity that it was decided to make the Lottery a legal game where everyone can participate and have fun.

The participants filled out a ballot in which forecast the results of several competitions, but the most popular are those of the League of Football or horse racing, where the winning tickets are those that contain more numbers of hits. The awards to receive are quite juicy and it is for this reason that everyone loves to play the lottery without removing your finger from the line.

The history of the Lottery is a subject of debate, because there are many who say that this popular game was started in the year 1946 with a ballot of 7 parties, at that time the Football in Spain had become the daily bread of the whole nation and these bets were illegally. But the truth is that, no matter what time or in which years began this game of betting and gambling, what is important is that all over the world can play and have fun every time there is a football game or a race horse, all can become the winners of tens of thousands of euros in one sitting.

The only strict rule that exists for a person to play the Spanish Football betting game is that it has to be greater than 18 years and be a bettor, otherwise you will not be able to claim, or buy a ticket to play the lottery.